Pre-conference workshops are filling fast

I know you are all dying to see the confirmed Agile Australia program, which we hope to announce after the Easter break. The conference will feature four streams, including a ninety minute workshop stream for in-depth workshops. More details coming soon!

We’re also hosting four exciting workshops on the day before the conference, Tuesday 14 June 2011. We have already seen an enormous amount of interest in these workshops, and we will be capping them at capacity so register early to reserve your spot.

These Agile Australia pre-conference workshops will provide you with in-depth learning from the biggest names in the Agile community. There are workshops for those looking to begin the Agile journey, those who are looking to sharpen their Agile skills, and workshops tailored for the advanced Agile practitioner.

Check out Lean, Kanban and the Art of Flow with Jean Tabaka, which uses presentation, games, simulation, and discussion to show the affects of flow, the impacts of sub-optimisation, and the deadly costs of delay.

Or maybe you’d be more interested in Introduction to advanced Agile development with co-author of the Agile manifesto, Alistair Cockburn. He’ll show you how to examine what works, why it works, and how to analyse situations to derive solutions.

You can find out more at

Take care and have a great long weekend!
Agile Alien

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