A richer experience for attendees this year

Martin Kearns

Martin Kearns, Agile Capability Lead, SMS MT

Guest Blogger: Martin Kearns, Agile Capability Lead, SMS MT

Another year has passed and it is time for like minded individuals in Agile thinking to converge again in Sydney. As an advisor to the conference I can honestly say that we have really tried to provide a richer experience for attendees this year. With our keynote talks looking very strong indeed, the introduction of Alistair Cockburn to the list of speakers is extremely exciting and the return of Jean Tabaka down under is also something to look forward to.

As the introduction of Agile in Australia broadens we have seen a lot of new speakers from many industries put forward a diverse set of talks which are guaranteed to provoke our thinking. It is also the aim of my talk this year, rather that just rant and rave about the successes Agile can bring, I really want to increase our awareness of how Agile can go wrong. With an appreciation of the dangers of Agile I am hoping that my talk will provide some new concepts that can be implemented when you return to your teams.

For the next couple of weeks I will be focusing on the value my talk can bring to attendees, my goal is to remain pragmatic and to articulate some achievable steps to supporting a better learning environment for teams. We constantly face complex problems and our creativity in problem solving must be nurtured in the working environment.

I look forward to meeting many of you at the conference and keen to learn from your experiences. See you soon!

Martin Kearns

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