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Steve Lawrence, Agile Consultant, Slice Consulting

Guest Blogger: Steve Lawrence – Principal Agile Consultant, Slice Consulting

I have always said the purpose of attending conferences is to pick up new ideas and concepts, and then trying them out in our own environments. The most cost-effective process for trialing something new is to use something that has already been tested and trialed elsewhere first – and where better to find this than at Agile Australia.

Now with Agile Australia into its third year, the conference is even bigger with an excellent variety of speakers from diverse backgrounds and environments. The opportunity to take home real value has never been higher – nor has there been a greater need!

With most of the world starting to claw its way out of the GFC, the power brokers are still maintaining tight control of the purse strings, but the marketing teams are seeing new and exciting opportunities. Whilst Australia weathered the GFC better than most, there are still significant hurdles that need to be overcome to even get to the starting line. So how do you take advantage of opportunities in your own or other economies?

Can you honestly say:

  • You can meet these needs using your standard methodologies?
  • You don’t need new, revitalised ideas and concepts?
  • Innovation wouldn’t add positive value?

I personally took away some awesome ideas from last year’s conference. Jim Highsmith and Martin Fowler provided excellent ideas and valuable information about quality that I now use daily. Martin Kearns stimulated me to review myself personally and my approach, rather than everyone else – an interesting concept – but one that is bearing positive fruit.

Other speakers reiterated concepts and ideas I have used previously but have fallen victim to time and brain overload (we won’t mention age) =P.

So I am looking forward to this year’s conference – not just to catch up with old acquaintances and colleagues, but to see new ideas and valuable techniques discussed that will assist me and my customers with their Agile evolution.

One little recommendation – if you are representing an organisation– bring along a power broker to back you as you try out these ideas and concepts.

Steve Lawrence

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