Wake up! Your IT department is in a coma

Alexandra Stokes, Solutions Delivery Manager, Insuranceline

Guest Blogger: Alexandra Stokes – Solutions Delivery Manager, Insuranceline

Is everyone in your IT department energised by the work they are doing? Are they continually striving for improvements? Are they deeply connected to the outcome of the task they are working on?

When I first attended Agile Australia 2009 I was inspired, and also a bit depressed, I passed a note to a colleague sitting next to me: “I think I’ll have to sack half the people in the department to find the money to do this”. I’m pleased to report I didn’t need to do that at all.

At Insuranceline we have been slogging away on our Agile journey for two years. For my Agile Australia 2011 presentation ‘Better IT departments’ I’ve put together a bumper collection of changes, practices and techniques that we’ve used that have resulted in fabulous outcomes for our department. We have been on a steep change curve for two years and I have practical knowledge and advice you can apply in your IT function.

I’m hopeful that my content is accessible to all; and not just because I’m enjoying the ‘Best for Beginners’ badge at my time slot in the program =).

One person can start a change, and with ideas to try that are cheap or even FREE, you can take the first step toward creating a better IT Department and rousing your IT workforce from their comas.

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