We have started planning Agile Australia 2012!

I know it seems as though we have hardly put this year’s conference to bed, but I hope you will be excited to know we are already planning Agile Australia 2012!

We have begun investigating possible dates and venues, and it’s not easy finding a space that will accommodate the size of our ever-growing conference. It seems an age ago that the Agile Australia conference was a mere 350 strong crowd and only two break-out rooms! How far we’ve come!

Of course we have had to seriously ask ourselves if the conference is better suited to Sydney, Melbourne, or if we should try Brisbane for the first time – and all our New Zealand friends are asking for us to visit them too. If you feel strongly one way or the other, please let us know, because there are so many advantages to each city that it’s a really tough choice.

Last week, the conference advisors met up to hold our Agile Australia 2011 retrospective. It was a great chance to debrief on some of the sticky points in our planning, celebrate the good bits from the conference, and explore new ideas for next year.

One outcome of the retrospective was improving the transparency of our submission process, which we hope to action for the 2012 conference – we’re looking into making submitted proposals available to the public and getting more feedback from you. Stay tuned for more details.

We’ve also started pinging possible keynotes for their available dates, brainstorming the 2012 conference theme, and reworking the ‘streams’ or ‘umbrellas’. It’s all very early-days at the moment, but momentum should pick up quickly.

You can keep up-to-date with all our conference planning right here at the Agile Australia blog.

We are also releasing a post-conference edition of the AgileTODAY magazine, with exclusive features, interviews with Agile Australia keynotes Alistair Cockburn, Jean Tabaka, Rob Thomsett, and Martin Fowler; an iPad giveaway, and a photo spread from the Agile Australia 2011. Keep an eye on your post box for it! If you’re interested in contributing any articles or want to take up advertising, please get in touch – agile@slatteryit.com.au.

Agile Alien

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