Pumped about the Product Arvo!

We had an excellent afternoon last week in Melbourne, full of hot tips and never fail principles on Agile Product Management!

Our speakers Nigel Dalton, Daniel Oertli, Doug Blue, and John Sullivan did a great job sharing war stories from their personal experience, detailing the processes they went through to deliver top products, and how to meet the challenges and roadblocks they faced.

We capped off the afternoon with a panel discussion about common pain points, why customer-led development is so hard and how to make it easier. Doug, Nigel, Daniel, and John took questions from the audience, and offered suggestions for implementing customer-led product development in their organisations. Mind you, they didn’t always agree with each other, but what’s a panel without a bit of disagreement!

And of course we hung around for drinks and a bit of a chat afterwards. We think the afternoon went so well that we’re thinking about taking the show on the road to other cities – We’ll let you know how we go sorting out dates and venues.

Thanks again to everyone who came along last week and especially to our speakers!

Agile Alien

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