Umbrella Update – Adoption and Approaches

Martin Kearns Photo

Martin Kearns, National Capability Lead, SMS MT

Guest Blogger: Martin Kearns – National Capability Lead, SMS MT

Hello everyone,

In this blog post I want to share with you what we are aiming to achieve at Agile Australia 2012. Of course we want this to be the best conference to date.

The advisors and SlatteryIT are taking an Agile approach to the setup of the conference. We have had our retrospective and really thought about what we are looking to achieve over the next three years for the adoption of Agile.

One thing that we all felt very sure about was that we didn’t want the conference to degenerate into ‘another’ Agile conference. We have been thinking really hard at what we have failed to achieve in the past conferences and how we can improve.

This year in the Agile Adoption and Approaches stream we want to assist organisations and individuals to appreciate the complexities of an Agile approach and what is required to be successful. Rather than having another inspirational speech where speakers talk about the ‘great’ and ‘silver bullets’ to Agile adoption, we want to be a little more down-to-earth, where our speakers resonate with audiences on the pain they have felt and provide new ways of thinking and working, what they would have done differently, or what they will do next.

Our aim is to have presentations that provide a coherent and concise methodology or conceptual approach.We are not looking for case study presentations alone, although this may be useful to re-enforce a particular learning.

The dream for me is, when I see individuals leaving a talk in our stream, people are conversing on a key ‘aha moment’ they got, and enthusiastically talk about how it can be can brought back to their team or organisation. Our goal for the conference is to encourage feedback to your place of employment and be a catalyst for continuous improvement.

We are also realistic that not all experiences should be of the great and wonderful type. We truly believe that sometimes more value is achieved through identifying with failures. This will not be a conference of back clapping and everyone reminding one another how great our cult followers are(!!). This stream will be pragmatic and realistic to help your team in their next level of evolution.

I am excited!! Are you?

Please have a look at the learning objectives, and I am keen to see more submissions to review!!!

Yours in inspection and adaption,

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