Craig Smith

Craig Smith, Delivery Coach, Suncorp

Guest Blogger: Craig Smith – Delivery Coach, Suncorp

Helping To Shape Agile Australia 2012: Tips for Submitters and Reviewers
Part of the feedback we received from last year’s Agile Australia conference was that the community was keen to have a more transparent submission system and review process. As a result, this year we have implemented an online submission system that allows the community to provide feedback; and submitters to tune their presentation to the needs of the Australian Agile community.

Tips for Submitting a Proposal
We are welcoming submissions from the community until the end of January across five different topic streams (umbrellas). If you are looking to submit a proposal or perhaps amend a proposal based on feedback, here are some tips to help the reviewers and advisors:

  • Make sure you have read the submission guidelines as well as the stream descriptions on the website as they give a lot of good background to the topics we are looking for submissions on
  • Take a look at other submissions in the system and, more importantly, the reviews provided by the community to help you better craft your proposal. Also talk to your colleagues and previous presenters about your submission.
  • Ensure you give a good amount of detail in your proposal to assist the reviewers and advisors to understand your proposal and how you expect it to run. Some things to consider:
    • The summary should give a concise overview of your topic and grab the attention of a reader or a potential attendee. Ultimately, this summary will be what appears in the conference programme, so it needs to give the reader a good overview of your session
    • Learning outcomes should detail the key points that you believe an attendee will learn by attending your session
    • Mechanics is a breakdown of the mechanics of your session, detailing the key topics and exercises you plan to run in your session and some high level time estimates. This section should give a reviewer a good understanding of how your presentation will flow and the key topics that will be covered
  • Remember that all feedback is good feedback, so the advisors will look favourably on submitters who take the time to respond to feedback by updating your proposal.

Tips for Reviewing / Commenting On Proposals
We welcome comments from community on proposals in the system. Public comments will help the advisors gauge the excitement and demand around particular topics and proposals, and will also help submitters refine their proposal based on feedback. If commenting on proposals, remember:

  • The aim of open commenting is to ask questions and give useful feedback to submitters and the conference advisors and to help build the best conference we can. So review with an aim to make all of the proposals better.
  • Remember the commenting system is open for all to see, so ensure comments are critical and constructive, but fair.

Submissions close on 31 January 2011, after which the conference advisors will reflect on the submissions and feedback and assemble the final programme. We look forward to your submissions and comments, and look forward to joining us in May in Melbourne for this years conference.


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