Inspirational keynotes at Agile Australia 2012

Guess what? The program for this year’s Agile Australia conference is now ready for you to view!

It has taken a little longer than we’d hoped to get it all ready, but we’re confident we’ve got a stellar program which you’ll get a lot out of. We spent extra time on refining all the presentations, asking speakers to pair up with a buddy and take on some feedback and advice in order to bring you the very best content on Agile in Australia. The result is that every session at Agile Australia will be interesting, focused, clear, and full of great takeaways.

We have also got some amazing keynote speakers. We can’t wait to hear what our home-grown leadership experts have to say. Fiona Wood, Director of the WA Burns Unit and Former Australian of the Year will be speaking on how to lead in a crisis situation, drawing on her experiences on the ground during the 2005 Bali Bombings.

Mark Thompson, former AFL coach and star of the Essendon Bombers will also be joining to speak on empowering teams to succeed. These inspirational Aussie speakers will showcase the best thought-leadership Australia has to offer and we are very proud to have them speak at our conference.

There are over 50 sessions to choose from at Agile Australia 2012, plus loads more special events happening around the conference which we will be letting you know about over the coming weeks, so stay tuned!

Yours in great excitement,
Agile Alien

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