Agile Australia 2013 to welcome CTO and Founder of Rally Software

Agile Australia will once again be graced by Agile leaders from across the world. We are so pleased to have announced that Ryan Martens, CTO and Founder of Rally Software will be joining us as a Keynote speaker.

Agile Australia 2013’s theme is Accelerate Innovation!, which encapsulates the need for strategies and new ideas to build adaptive, resilient organisations. This theme also reflects the need for organisations to put the fundamental building blocks in place to establish an environment where innovation thrives.

Ryan Martens is an innovative serial software start-up entrepreneur, and a leader in managing organisational transition from traditional development processes to more Agile techniques.

Ryan’s wealth of experience involves software product management, marketing and business development, and he is now working towards shifting the software and IT industry towards a more sustainable, greener scope, with views on completely being rid of the ‘slow, wasteful and burdensome’ past product models, to a ‘fast, sustainable, high-impacting’ service model.

More information on Ryan Martens can be found here.

Registration to attend the conference is now open, so get your team booked in!

Keep checking this blog for regular updates on Keynotes, speaker proposals, program announcements and social events.

Until next time,
Agile Alien

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