Three-time Software Development author Mary Poppendieck to lead us into Agile Australia ’13

Agile Australia 2013 is well underway, with preparation, processes and planning very quickly coming together to organise what we believe will be the biggest Agile conference in Australia yet!

This year, Mary Poppendieck, who’s the author of the award winning Lean Software Development: An Agile Toolkit book, and who helped popularise Agile concepts by being actively involved in the Agile software development community, will welcome us with an inspiring opening Keynote at the Agile Australia conference.

Mary’s past experience in changing the dynamics of software and product development (from the “waterfall” method to lean Agile methods) is a testament to her drive for innovation.

Over the past few years, Mary has been travelling the world to give lectures and teachings on Agile development. She’ll also be holding a pre-conference workshop, co-presented with Tom Poppendieck, on the 18 June 2013, which will cover lean software development in detail.

We are stoked that Mary will be right here, at Agile Australia 2013, to share her knowledge and wisdom!

Don’t forget, registration is now open for Agile Australia 2013, so spread the word!

Yours Truly,

Agile Alien

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