Meet Kim Ballestrin – Agile Engagement Lead at Telstra, & Cynefin, Agile and Lean Blogger

Agile Australia is diving headfirst into 2013, with speaker submissions coming through left, right and center!

If you haven’t already, get in on all the action by signing up to the submission page and commenting on and voting for the submitted papers; your feedback will allow presenters to iterate on their proposal to have the best chance of being accepted.

Co-chairing our Approaches and Practices stream is Kim Ballestrin, who’s been the Agile engagement lead in the Telstra IT department for the past three years. She’s been part of the delivery process since the beginning of the Telstra IT Agile change journey!

Aside from being a stream chair for Agile Australia 2013, Kim is an active member of the Agile development community; she is the organiser of the Melbourne Cynefin Meetup group, and, in her spare time, is regularly blogging about her ideas and theories surrounding Agile principles. Read up on her interesting posts at her blog here.

Kim (and her co-chair Renee Troughton) are looking for speakers who will inspire attendees to further investigate and build their knowledge and/or capabilities of agile approaches, practices and techniques.

If you think you have what it takes, submit your proposal now here.

Until next time,

Agile Alien

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