My 5th Agile Australia conference

Steve Lawrence - Agile Coach, Rally Software

Steve Lawrence – Agile Coach, Rally Software

Guest Blogger: Steve Lawrence – Lead Agile Coach, Rally Software

This will be my 5th Agile Australia and it is exciting to see the marked changes that have taken the IT and business world by storm in that time. From 2009 where there were very few of us peddling our Agile wares, there is now an absolute plethora of Agilists in the Australian and New Zealand communities.

Such events as Agile Australia harness this knowledge and different ideas into a two-day conference where we can share our knowledge and experiences and find new ideas and practices that provide value to our personal and business environments.

Agile Australia always seems to attract top notch keynote speakers and this year we are in for a real treat with not only the Poppendieks (famous for their Lean approach to Agile) but also David Snowden (from Cynefin fame) and Rally’s very own Ryan Martens – founder, visionary and environmental entrepreneur.

There are a number of really interesting presentations in the schedule – Mark and Em to discuss Scaled Agile and the benefits they and Telstra have accrued from it’s adoption, Cameron and Dylan highlighting the differences in approach and outcomes from the Agile adoption tracts of AusPost and NAB, Lachlan Heasman, Bobby Singh and co to provide some interesting views from a coaching panel and of course my passionate subject at the moment – Agile Metrics: Why we have them and how to use them.

So much to fit into 2 days – so much to absorb and so little time. Good luck, enjoy and I hope to meet you to share your knowledge and views.

Steve Lawrence
Lead Agile Coach
Rally Software

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