Lightning talks in the Open Space

Guest Blogger: Erik Peterson

Are you hoping to speak at an Agile Australia session in the next five years? Why not start small, and speak this year! I will be facilitating lightning talks in The Open Space at Agile Australia. This is a great opportunity to speak in public to an enthusiastic audience and ‘dip your toe into the water’ as a presenter.

Lightning talks are short talks focusing on one key point or subject. This can be an idea, successful project, a cautionary story, collaboration invitation, quick tip or demonstration. This session is an opportunity for ideas to get the attention they deserve. They can go for less than 5 minutes, but not for more.

Here are some ideas, derived from a Perl community page:

  1. Why my favorite practice is X.
  2. I want to do cool project X. Does anyone want to help?
  3. Successful Project: I did project X. It was a success. Here’s how you could benefit.
  4. Failed Project: I did project X. It was a failure, and here’s what I learned.
  5. Agile Heresy: People always say X, but they’re wrong. Here’s why.
  6. You All Suck: Here’s what is wrong with the Agile community.
  7. I need to find an X (a person, role, software, team, company…) can you help?
  8. Call to Action: Let’s all do more of X / less of X.
  9. A Funny Thing happened to me on the Way to Agile Australia.
  10. Wouldn’t it be cool if X?
  11. Someone needs to do X.
  12. Coaching Wish List
  13. Why X was a mistake.
  14. Why X looks like a mistake, but isn’t.
  15. What it’s like to do X.
  16. Here’s a useful technique that worked.
  17. Here’s a technique I thought would be useful but didn’t work.
  18. Intersections: I noticed this cool thing, maybe we should investigate it.
  19. Comparison of approaches X and Y.
  20. We should be paying more attention to X.
  21. I’ve never understood why we should do X.
  22. Strange rituals our team has adopted, lava lamps for build success indicators, soft toys for hitting each other, whatever
  23. Let me tell you a funny story.

Present on any topic for maximum of FIVE minutes long (no slides). The emphasis of these mini-presentations is on knowledge sharing, generating new ideas, and having fun!

What to submit a lightning talk? Email a topic title (ten words or less, no slides) to with your contact details and the subject line “Lightning Talks”.

Erik Peterson

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