Introducing Jim Benson and Personal Kanban

Meet Jim Benson. For the past two decades Jim has been uncovering ways for individuals and groups to communicate, collaborate, and find clarity in unpredictable and amorphous environments. In doing so,  he has created Personal Kanban, a lean process used to manage knowledge workers, helping them to visualise and control their work.

At Agile Australia 2014, Jim will be discussing the pitfalls of canned processes in his keynote address “Embracing Disruption: You Are Your Process”. He will then provide a simple framework to help you create a great process that fits your organisation. View the full list of Agile Australia keynote speakers…

If you haven’t heard of Jim or Personal Kanban before, we’re not sure what rock you’ve been living under, but we’re really excited for you to find out more!

A great place to start is this ‘Personal Kanban 101’ SlideShare, created by Jim to introduce his method. Once you’re done with that, you can check out more of Jim’s thoughts and tips on Personal Kanban techniques over on the Personal Kanban website and blog (we’re particularly enamoured with his Lean Muppet Series).

2 thoughts on “Introducing Jim Benson and Personal Kanban

  1. I read the slide deck … am I missing something or is there no difference between Personal Kanban and GTD? I mean … GTD is 20 years old. I’ve used it for a long time, as have most agilists. Surely there must be something more to PK than this?

    Cheers, Peter Merel.

    • Hi Peter, we can’t speak on Jim’s behalf, but you’re right – there is more. This ‘101’ slideshare is meant to be a very basic introduction to Personal Kanban. We suggest you take a look at Pascal Venier’s ‘Doing GTD Kanban style‘ guest blog series over on Jim’s website. Hopefully this will go some way to answering your question.

      – Agile Australia 2014 Team

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