Enyo Kumahor: Africa is Rising

Enyo KumahorBetty Enyonam Kumahor is the Regional Managing Director of Pan-Africa for ThoughtWorks, and is a frequent speaker on leadership, productivity, business and motivation. She also chairs the Woman 2.1 Summit Advisory Board and the Ghana Women in IT organisations. Ghanian born and US educated, Enyo is one of the most important IT leaders and an inspiration to many women in Africa.

In a recent interview, Enyo was asked whether Africa was ready to deliver the next Bill Gates, and her response was emphatic:

Absolutely. It’s more than just possible; I think it’s probable. I think we will be coming out with a lot of innovative solutions that other nations and continents are not ready to. I think the next tech innovations will come out of here and the next tech leaders will come out of here.

Enyo’s keynote speech at Agile Australia 2014, ‘Africa is Rising’, will get you thinking about the vital roles that Technologists will play in Africa’s growth story. Information technology directly impacts positive economic growth and bridges the digital divide by reducing income disparities. But it’s application is complex. There is great opportunity, but also many potential pitfalls: consumer versus producer economies, digital colonialism, and more.

Find out why Enyo think Africa is a continent ready to embrace disruption at Agile Australia 2014.

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