Introducing Agile Australia 2015’s keynotes!


With Agile Australia 2015 only a few short months away, it seems only right that we start getting acquainted with this year’s fantastic group of keynote speakers.

Offering their insights on this year’s theme of Simplicity and beyond, our speakers represent a multitude of professions, practices and schools of thought – all united by an affinity with Agile.


irene-au-200x200Irene Au – Lifelong gadget girl and math and science geek Irene possesses a resume that reads like a roll call of the giants of the tech and innovation world. After being at the helm of various design teams (Yahoo! and Google to name a couple) – she now splits her time between her role as acting partner at Khosla Ventures, being a member of the board of directors at a Montessori school and teaching yoga and meditation in California. In her keynote speech, she will share her expertise on how to create beautiful, useful products that your customer will love.






David Marquet David Marquet served in the U.S. submarine force for 28 years. He commanded the nuclear-powered fast-attack submarine USS Santa Fe which he completely turned around, making the crew “worst to first.” Having written the award-winning book Turn The Ship Around and what Fortune Magazine called the “best how-to manual anywhere for managers on delegating, training, and driving flawless execution”, David’s phenomenal management experience will offer much food for thought at Agile Australia 2015.






Linda Rising Internationally acclaimed author of four books and presenter of topics of patterns, retrospectives, influence strategies, and Agile development – Linda Rising feels most at home in change management. Linda is an expert in helping people make changes in their organisations, with proven strategies to enable you to be a more successful change agent in your organisation. Her keynote speech will offer an insider’s view into her wealth of knowledge on the topic of the change process, and much more.






James ShoreWidely regarded as one of the top thought leaders in the Agile software community, James Shore was an early adopter of Agile development and one of the first 10 people to sign the newly-released Agile Manifesto. He remains a popular lecturer on software development process and his writing has appeared in many industry publications. His Art of Agile blog is regularly found on AgileDaily’s list of top twenty most recommended Agile blogs. James is also the co-author of The Art Of Agile Development. With a finger firmly planted on the pulse of the Agile community, James’s keynote speech stands to be among some of the most invaluable learning material for our delegates this year.


Find more info on Agile Australia 2015 here.

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