Are you a DevOps fan?

encore-2016-speaker-kiru-and-william-1A new workshop on Docker has been added to the Agile Encore workshop line-up!

If you’re a DevOps enthusiast, you will want to gain an insight into a new form of app development, that literally builds a ‘container’ around everything you need to run an application or cloud system. This makes sure that software can run seamlessly, regardless of the environment. You can learn how at a new workshop on Docker, being held as part of the Agile Encore Workshop Day.

At the workshop, you will gain an understanding into the Docker process, and how to deploy it into any system. The workshop covers a variety of topics from Docker 101 – an overview of core concepts, to security considerations, and ‘how to handle stateful applications and services in Docker’.

Check out the new addition to the Agile Australia 2016 workshops, ‘Docker beyond buzzwords’, a half-day workshop presented by Kiru Samapathy and William Garcia, both senior consultants at Thoughtworks.

For more information about the Agile Encore workshops and to book a limited place, please visit the website,

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