Looking Forward to Agile Australia 2017


Kim Ballestrin, AgileAus 2017 Stream Captain

We’re kicking off 2017 with a look forward at this year’s upcoming Agile Australia Conference – taking place in Sydney on 22-23 June 2017. Guest blogger Kim Ballestrin is a Principal Consultant at Elabor8 and an Agile Australia 2017 Stream Captain. 

The submissions are coming in thick and fast and it feels like Agile Australia is just around the corner (OK – it’s in June, so still a little way off).  This year we’ll be dissecting one of the polarising ‘tensions’ that we have in our Agile communities – building the thing right and building the right thing.

I’m really looking forward to two of the invited speakers, Melissa Perri and Jez Humble. Both are exceptionally good at explaining the principles behind these views. Melissa has plenty of examples and clever ideas for getting to the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) by discovering and then meeting the needs of customers. This will be a great session for people struggling with too much work in the backlog or lots of features waiting to be built, as Melissa clearly explains how to gather the data and make the prioritisation decisions required to narrow the focus and get the right things built.

At the other end of the software development tension is the Continuous Delivery focus from Jez Humble. His session might appear to be technical, but don’t be put off because Jez has a way of explaining Continuous Delivery that makes it very easy to understand the principles.

Conversations across the organisation become a lot easier when technical people use his examples to better explain the advantages of investing in Continuous Delivery, and non-technical people can articulate the outcomes more clearly for technical teams to build things right.

So both views are correct – we need to build the right things and then we also need to build them the right way.  I have seen Melissa and Jez speak at Lean UX NYC and Lean Agile Scotland and can’t wait to see them again in Australia.

These topics are so important to help bring our community together acting in the best interests of our customers.

For more info on Agile Australia 2017, visit the website. You can also visit the home of AgileAus. Melissa Perri and Jez Humble will also give workshops as part of AgileAus 2017. 

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