Understanding Evolving Organisations


There have been quite a broad range of proposals submitted to the ‘Evolving Agile Organisations’ stream this year, which I am in turn grateful for and a little fearful of. Mainly because I’m worried that the stream may not have been explained clearly enough. So, in the interest of clarity, I’d like to give some context around what the stream ‘Evolving Agile Organisations’ is all about.

Last year I felt there weren’t many talks at Agile Australia that inspired me to try new things with my teams at Envato – a company that is already Agile. Then late last year the coaching team at Envato were invited to the amazing Spotify Culture & Methods Conference (here’s a quick recap from Dominica DeGrandis) in NYC. Apart from attending the conference, we also toured and spoke with various Coaches, Product & Engineering People at Spotify, Etsy, Amplify and Jimdo, where we shared our journeys, compared notes and learnt about the evolving practices of each of our Agile tech companies.

Having this experience really inspired me, and gave me great hope for what we’re doing here in Australia, because we’re just as good as any of those awesome companies! What we found is that we’re all trying to learn and evolve our ways of working. So that’s why I wanted to give the awesome Agile community in Australia a chance to show me how they’re evolving Agile in already Agile companies. What can we learn from your practices? What are you doing differently that works for you? Why is it working for you? This is the stream for talks about the aspirations, practices and behaviours of already Agile companies, and how they are evolving.

I’d love to see as many proposals for the stream as possible, so in the interests of being as clear as I can be, here are some ideas:

  • What’s next for Agile organisations?
  • What does it even mean to be an Agile organisation?
  • What do other non-IT functions in a business need to do, now that they find themselves in an organisation that identifies as Agile?
  • How are different companies dealing with budgeting in an Agile world?
  • What big ideas and brave moves is your company making? Is it thinking about being a Teal organisation? Will a Holacracy work? What about Sociocracy?
  • How is your company supplementing the existing frameworks? And why did you choose to supplement it?

I hope this longer explanation has given some more clarity on this stream. I’m looking forward to reading your submission, so hop to it!


Written by Erin McManus who is a Stream Chair for the Evolving Agile Organisations stream at this year’s Agile Australia Conference, and a delivery coach at Envato.

The Agile Australia 2017 Conference speaker submissions are closing soon! There are a number of streams to submit to, all around the theme of Learning and Leading. Visit the website to learn more and to submit a proposal.

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