NOW SHOWING – Agile Australia Sessions 2017

Sessions for Agile Australia 2017 have been announced, with a diverse cohort of speakers and topics that are sure to help you learn and lead.

This year’s Agile Australia Conference streams will help you to lead a learning enterprise. Sessions will feature case studies, new methods and tools, diverse experiences, and reflections on the journey of business and Agile.

Here’s a snippet of some of the sessions – the full list is available online.

Stream: Learning from your customer


Putting the ‘V’ in MVP – building an MVP sounds simple, so why do so many organisations struggle and what are the common factors of excellent MVP design? – Ralf Jeffrey

Design is valuable – learn how to overcome the barriers from the perspective of key stakeholder groups in an organisation.

Saving the plane from a nosedive – Alex Logan

Don’t false start when racing to bring an idea to market; make sure you are aware of the risks in making assumptions, and how you can still be wrong when doing the right things.

The art of building a roadmap – Sherif Mansour

Build roadmaps that help travel the Agile landscape and understand the different perspectives and goals for learning and communication.


Stream: Evolving Agile organisations


Psychological safety through Deep Democracy – Andrea Blundell and Pru Gell

Organisations strive to create and maintain an environment where self-organising teams collaborate effectively. Build a roadmap for psychological safety from the Lewis Method of Deep Democracy.

Agile governance: evolution or revolution – Stuart Mitchell

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos famously declared that “your margin is my opportunity.” Established businesses remain anchored in branding, ROI, and compliance, so why can’t they adopt the Amazon philosophy?


Stream: The Future of Work


Starting on the right foot – how to design an Agile contract – Martin Kearns and Tina Mitas

Explore how the Scrum framework can be used to embed a learning cycle that supports a project/engagement lifecycle, as well as the different techniques and models to assist in governing and maintaining control over an investment, without destroying the essence of self-organisation and transparency of the outcome.  

Global nomads – Fabiano Morais

In a historical moment where everything is political, and we keep hearing references to “walls”, “bans” and all sorts of restrictions that try to inhibit a person’s mobility around the world, it is essential to understand how the future of work could be impacted. Learn the cutting-edge Agile practices that show how remote and mobile work is here to stay.

Stream: Inclusive Culture


How the Olympics can make you a better person – Sandy Mamoli

You won’t win if you keep doing the same thing over and over again. And you won’t be world-class if you just do what others have done before you. To truly make it, you need to be different and develop a world-class learning mindset!


Stream: Agile Tech


“Game Day” – achieving resilience through chaos engineering – Pete Cohen and Matt Fellows

Have the confidence that your environment will keep working in the face of emergent complexity and fast-paced change by anticipating failure and building resilience into every layer of your system, including software and infrastructure plus people and processes.

Stream: Adopting Agile in your custom context


From a laptop in a box to a successful product launch: the Agile journey of an early stage startup – Elise Aplin

Learn how a new team went from an ad hoc and vague way of working to becoming a cohesive team with clear visibility into priorities and workflows.

(fr)agile: a retrospective for the implementation of an Agile mindset across the organisation – Kylie McKiernan and Darren Oliver

Take a retro into the major shift in the way things are done at a particular organisation. Learn why executives need to educate stakeholders and take them on the journey of culture change.

Trio of trouble: making it work with Design Thinking, Lean and Agile – Jonny Schneider

Which way is right? They all are. This talk untangles what these movements, mindsets, and approaches mean, and helps teams and leaders to choose the right bits at the right time, and bring it all together into one big happy collaboration.


Stream: Metrics – A critical guide to Leading and Learning


Three baseline metrics and what they can tell you about your team – Mike Burns

Discover how to tailor your metrics to suit you. This guide outlines which metrics a team can start using today to help improve team performance, and allow for the right decisions to be made at the right time.

Aligning impact and understanding from boardrooms to pixels – Michael Le

Be empowered to run experiments and learn in an Agile manner and help stakeholders to understand the impact your team is making with Agile and design.


Stream: Learning Leaders


The story of mentorship, and why it matters – John Contad

Stories are powerful, they are a way of passing on our interactions and contextualising our purpose.  If tech organisations are to thrive in the future, then they must build a culture of mentorship, not just as a means of learning, but as a way of generating human satisfaction in the work we do.

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Agile Australia 2017 is on from Thursday 22 – Friday 23 June 2017 at the Hilton Sydney. For more information and to register please visit the website.

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