Learning Lean – a look inside an AgileAus Workshop

Let’s take it back to December 2016 when Barry O’Reilly delivered his sold-out workshop ‘Lean Enterprise: Creating high performance organisations.’ Last year’s attendees walked away with principles and patterns that they were able to implement individually and to their organisation.

Hear from past attendees about their takeaways and learnings, as well as what it’s really like to attend an AgileAus workshop!



“Will change your approach to work and success” – Mark Drasutis, Chief Product Officer, News Corp

“A great intro and very practical – feel like I can go and make changes now.” – Alisa Hocking, HR Business Partner, RAC Insurance

“Concepts that could change the way we run our business” – Jacques Du Toit, Manager, Business Intelligence, RAC Insurance

“It is an amazing introduction to Lean and how to apply it across strategy and enterprise processes” – Humphrey Laubscher, Lead Product Manager, AusPost

“Feel like I’m learning cutting-edge thinking to help my organisation and my career” – Ian Morgan, Director, Strategic Delivery, CHOICE

“Thought leadership with a great practical application.” – Katrina Kolt, Agile Coach

“Thought-provoking tour of the essence of Lean Enterprise” – Tony Craddock, Executive General Manager, Program Delivery, IAG

“Highly relevant to government agencies and their change programs” – Brett Petersen, Co-Founder, Zen Enterprise

“It’s madness to not do this and work in this way!” – Gareth Jones, Agile/Transformational Coach, Target


Barry O’Reilly is returning to Australia to deliver his workshop Lean Enterprise: Creating high performance organisations’ at AgileAus 2017.

Don’t miss out on the invaluable opportunity to learn from an international expert in Lean. Visit the website for more information and to register.

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