An education in Agile

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” Benjamin Franklin

In the age of social media and fast-paced innovation and disruption, it pays to invest in education and knowledge growth. This is especially prevalent in the tech sector, where innovation is the ‘it’ term and so many are searching for ways to innovate at scale and disrupt the norm.


The value of education cannot be overestimated – continuous learning underpins our improvement in all areas of life. It’s vital that future techies learn best practices and the ways in which to collaborate, respond to change, and ultimately deliver great products. Activate Agile was created with this in mind, where students come together, and are given the opportunity to hear from innovative people who are creating change and developing amazing software, apps, portals, platforms, and products.

It’s very encouraging to see that the Agile community is forever growing, with many keen young students embracing Agile, and who want to learn how to welcome change and build great things. This starts at high school and university, where students work together to create new ideas and explore the best ways in which they can have an impact.


Last year’s Activate Agile saw 280 students and teachers from around Victoria converge to understand how tech works at boss-level companies, network, and find out what it’s really like inside real tech jobs. Many students took away implementable tools that can be applied to the way in which they learn and work together.

“My experience was fantastic. As a student, Activate Agile gave me perspective on what I’m learning, and why I am learning it. I also got exposed to businesses and what working in a professional team may be like. I really enjoyed the wealth of talks, but I also really liked the opportunity it gave me to speak to people with similar interests to me.” Andrew Jakubowicz, Activate Agile Participant, 2016


Activate Agile 2017

At this year’s event (to be held in Sydney), Activate Agile will welcome real developers, business analysts, team leaders, designers, and UX specialists who will talk about what it takes to succeed and tell the stories on how their companies are changing the tech landscape.


Activate Agile is by the Agile Community for the young and growing Agile Community.

Activate Agile is part of Agile Australia 2017 and is free for students and teachers. Activate Agile 2017 is on Friday 23 June 2017 from 1.30pm – 3.15pm at the Hilton Sydney (488 George St, Sydney). For more information and to register, please visit the website.

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