AgileAus17 Coaches’ Clinic

In today’s blog, Chris Chan introduces this year’s AgileAus17 Coaches’ Clinic.


Do you need help with specific challenges you have encountered on your Agile journey? Speak one-on-one with an experienced practitioner or an Agile Coach.

The Agile Australia Coaches’ Clinic is a unique and free service designed to help you with challenges you’ve encountered on your way to a more Agile way of working.  It is a great opportunity for people to meet and learn from each other.

Volunteer practitioners and coaches are recruited from the Conference attendees and organisers; a process is defined for attendees to sign up for short sessions with the coaches and a space is created for the coaching sessions.

At the Clinic, Coaches spend one-on-one time with Conference attendees who have a question or are looking for some help to finding a solution to an issue they may have. Coaching is about helping people find their own solutions.  Sometimes the Coaches may provide a direct response about practices, approaches, tools or strategies. More often the Coaches draw from a person’s knowledge of their own situation to find a solution best suited to their challenge.

The Agile Australia Coaches’ Clinic will be held concurrently with the other sessions in the Open Space area. The service is available for both days of the Conference, provided by matching Coaches and attendees on the Coaching Schedule.

To sign up at the Conference, come to the Coaches’ Clinic Board located in the Open Space and find an available coach you would like to meet at a time suited to you.

If you are an Agile coach or practitioner and would like to help others, you can also volunteer your time by emailing Alternatively, you can put a card up on the physical schedule board in the Open Space area at the Conference.

Thanks to Erin McManus, Kayt Edwards, Alex Stokes, and Fabiano Morais for lending their thoughts and expertise on this post.

This post was written by Chris Chan, who is a Stream Captain for the Learning Leaders stream at this year’s Agile Australia Conference, and an Enterprise Agility Coach.

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