Making the most of AgileAus17 – an attendee guide

As AgileAus draws near (it’s only a week away!) and the Conference is now sold out, today’s blog will explore how you can make the most of your learning and leading experience.

Agile Australia brings together like-minded individuals eager to improve the way they work, with attendees walking away with tangible ideas and processes to implement into their working environment.



The sessions on offer at AgileAus lend themselves to the theme of learning and leading, with topics as diverse as a university’s culture revolution to Dark Matter to Building a Responsive Organisation and everything in between!

Here’s an example of a day at AgileAus 2017:

7.30am – arrive nice and early at registration to jump the queue, grab a coffee and get ready for AgileAus

8.30am  – Conference begins! Hear keynotes including Barry O’Reilly on Lean Enterprise, Jez Humble on Continuous Delivery, and Esther Derby on Leaders at all levels

11.00am – Time for a snack and a chance to check out the exhibitor space and enter the lucky door prize at the sponsor booths.

11.35am – Learn about the ‘Trio of trouble: Design Thinking, Lean, and Agile’ with Jonny Schneider from ThoughtWorks

12.20pm – Swap rooms and dive into the ‘Culture of innovation’ with Tatyana Mamut

1.00pm – Lunch time, and the perfect opportunity to start networking and chatting to colleagues about thoughts on the morning’s sessions

2.00pm – 3.25pm – Head to Level 2 State Rooms to hear talks on ‘The story of mentorship, and why it matters’ with John Contrad, REA Group and ‘Aligning impact from boardrooms to pixels’ with Michael Le, Pivotal Labs

3.25pm – Enjoy afternoon tea and a chance to participate in The Open Space

3.55pm – 5.20pm – Afternoon sessions where you can learn about ‘Dark Matter’ with Lisa Harvey-Smith, and ‘The Groupishness of Groups’ with Katy Rowett, Thoughtworks.

At 5.30pm Julia Baird has a lesson on leadership. Head home at 6.30pm to refuel for day 2 of AgileAus


With the Conference now sold out, the workshops (led by Conference keynote and invited speakers) will give you the opportunity to dive into learnings on culture, continuous delivery and DevOps, Lean Enterprise, and more all while networking and talking with like-minded peers.  

Workshops are on in Sydney (21 June) and Melbourne (26 June). Check out Sami Honkonen’s workshop on ‘Building a Responsive Culture’ (he was the AgileAus guest blogger last week) or ‘Lean Enterprise’ with Barry O’Reilly.

Activate Agile

Know any students who are keen on tech? Do they want to get into the tech sector? Why not tell them about Activate Agile? A free afternoon where students come together and are given the opportunity to hear from innovative people including Milly Rowett, REA Group; Melinda Harrington, Bupa (Digital); Lachlan Heasman, Agile Coach; and many more who are creating change and developing amazing software, apps, portals, platforms, and products. Visit the website for more information.


The Open Space

The Open Space is an area where attendees can set the agenda, gather their ideas, and learn from their peers. Sit down and chat, play a few games, or listen to some informal, impromptu talks.

Fancy a spot of chess? Or Jenga? At AgileAus there will be a number of giant games available for you to play with your new friends including chess, Jenga, and Connect 4.


Social Program

The AgileAus Welcome Dinner is a special event for Conference and Workshop attendees where you will have the opportunity to rub shoulders and chat with keynote and invited speakers all over a glass of wine, delicious food, and great company!

The best part about AgileAus, aside from the thought-provoking keynotes and speakers, is the people you meet and network with. Why not grab a bite with some new friends at one of our favourite Sydney eateries? Put your name down to join a table (sign up sheet located in The Open Space).

Rewind from the jam-packed two days at the AgileAus closing reception, where you can chat with some of the Conference speakers, and have a drink (or two) with colleagues and new friends.


The Agile Australia Conference is on from Thursday 22 – Friday 23 June 2017. The Conference is sold out however, Workshops are still available. For more information and to register for a Workshop, please visit the website.


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