The key elements of a successful Agile transformation

I had the pleasure of speaking about ING’s Agile transformation journey at Agile Australia  this year.

I am personally not a big fan of presentations such as case studies, war stories, transformation journeys etc. In my experience, those talks were never what I expected. Lots of successes and bragging, however, not much I could learn from and use. I kept this in mind while preparing for this talk.

There were successes but obviously some failures (I prefer to call them learnings). I did my best at trying to cover both sides to give the audience my perspective on what an Agile transformation is all about. My goal was to leave the audience with a few things they could take away and apply in their own context.

Looking back I thought a good analogy to explain our journey was to think of it as waves. So that’s what I did.

Journey Summary


As you can see there were ups and downs, successes and failures but most importantly an overarching desire to learn in order to improve processes.

The key things I wanted people to take away was the fact that Agile is not a destination, nor methodology or practices, but instead, it is a continuous search for better ways of doing things.

To sum it all up I talked about what – in my view – would be the key elements of a successful Agile transformation.

The four key elements:

1. Start small, experiment and adapt

Use Lean Startup methodology to assist in your transformation.

2. Build it from within

Don’t outsource your transformation. Do it yourself.

3. Let your Agile bubble grow organically, don’t force it

Let things emerge as the organisation evolves.

4. Focus on people, always

No matter what you do people should come first, always.

This article was edited from how it was first published. The piece originally appeared on Leandro Pinter’s Medium pageLeandro Pinter spoke at Agile Australia 2017 on ING Direct Australia’s Agile transformation.

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