Thank goodness for Agile – continued

To commemorate the landmark 10th anniversary of the Agile Australia Conference (18-19 June 2018, Melbourne) we asked members of the community (like you!) to help us reflect on what excites them about using Agile.

Here’s what you’ve been saying so far about what makes you say ‘I thank goodness for Agile because’…

Agile has provided me with personal growth and learning. It has expanded my thinking and help me grow to hold different perspectives. And importantly it has humanised the workplace.

Chris Chan – Transformation, Agile & Organisational Coach at ANZ

As a contrarian thinker and someone always willing to inquire and challenge the accepted norms and status quo, the growth of agile has helped me with a global community and language . To draw inspiration and learning from. It’s also given me a purpose in life – to be able help others who want to do things differently but feel constrained.

Phillip Gadzinski – Strategic Agility Facilitator, Heart of Agile Delivery Partner

I would argue that the rise of Agile has liberated a whole cohort of organisational change managers stuck in inflexible, structured linear change processes to work in a way that was originally intended – conversations, relationships, organisational development.

Jen Frahm – Organisational change and communication expert, Speaker, Author, Coach, Facilitator

What makes you thank your lucky stars for Agile? We’d love to hear it!

Please feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments or share via email to

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