Remembering Jean Tabaka at AgileAus18

As the Agile Australia Conference marks its tenth anniversary, we wish to honour and remember an inaugural AgileAus keynote speaker; the late Jean Tabaka.


Jean Tabaka was Agile Australia’s first ever international keynote speaker. Jean generously shared her knowledge and passion in 2009, and again when she visited AgileAus in 2011 and 2013. Those who attended the 2011 Conference will certainly remember Jean going barefoot as she presented her keynote speech address!

In Jean’s memory, Agile Australia is giving away two tickets to the tenth Agile Australia Conference in Melbourne on 18-19 June, 2018. Tickets will be awarded to those who embody the ideas that Jean was most passionate about.

Jean was best known for contributing expertise to the community and for her strong belief that knowledge should be passed onto others. 

Are you working on a project, initiative, or invention that draws on Jean’s lifework on empathy, collaboration, mentorship, community contribution, and bravery? For a chance to receive a complimentary ticket, tell us about your project at The projects we believe best embody Jean’s ideas will be highlighted at AgileAus 2018.

Through this initiative, we hope that Jean’s message of collaboration, mentorship, community contribution and bravery will continue to reach and inspire even more people.

Listen below to Jean’s AgileAus keynote from our first Conference in 2009. Jean spoke on “12 Agile adoption failure modes”.


We are incredibly grateful for Jean’s support and generosity over the years, and we mourn that she cannot be with us as we celebrate our milestone anniversary. Who knows? Perhaps we’ll go barefoot at some point during this year’s Conference in her memory!


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