The AgileAus Community

As the 10th Anniversary celebrations for the 2018 AgileAus Conference get underway – with delegates and speakers from all over the globe descending on Melbourne to talk all things Agile – we wanted to shine a spotlight on one of our favourite aspects of AgileAus.

It’s the AgileAus community!

If 2018’s Conference is your first ever AgileAus experience, we welcome you. And we thought we ought to warn you: the enthusiasm of our community is contagious!


About the Community

When AgileAus was merely an idea floating around in our heads ten years ago, it was the community who really helped us push our vision into reality!

In the decade since, the tireless support we receive from our network of community members has become a defining factor of AgileAus. We’re so thankful for their help – both at the event itself and in the months leading up to it.

So – for our 10th Anniversary Conference – we wanted to do something special for the community who have done so much for us!

Whether you want to network and exchange knowledge, take some time to unwind or let your hair down, we have something planned for you for this AgileAus!

The Social Program

If you’re a social butterfly, there are plenty of chances to spread your wings and meet new people this AgileAus! Check out the full social program here.


The Open Space

Be sure to visit The Open Space in the River Room. It’s a great place to take a breather with a coffee during breaks, meet some new people and play group games that our facilitators will be running. The Open Space is also the home of the AgileAus interactive workshop wall where you can let your thoughts on Agile run free.


The Deep Dives

Fancy sitting down with some of the Conference’s most exciting keynotes and asking them whatever you like, off the record? At The Deep Dives, you can. Speakers are unplugged and ready to chat!

The Agile Help Desk

How do you improve your Agile? The Agile Help Desk can help you find the answer. (An added bonus: it’s free!) Experienced Agile practitioners will be on hand to engage in one-on-one conversations about your Agile practice. If you’ve got experience with Agile, we’d love you to consider volunteering, too!

Read Chris Chan’s guest blog post to find out more about the Agile Help Desk.

chris chan 1

The Tim Tam Slam

A time-honoured AgileAus tradition. The Tim Tam Slam is a particular favourite among our international guests. No idea what we’re talking about? You’re in for a delicious surprise!

The Tim Tam Slam will take place at Day One at 11:30 am in The Open Space. 

Visit the sponsor booths

Have fun and learn a bit by visiting the sponsor booths in the breaks. When you drop by, be sure to register for a chance to win lucky door prizes. They include an Amazon Echo from AGL, a mystery weekend getaway from Micro Focus, a Yeti Hopper Flip from Agile Craft, an Apple Watch from Atlassian and a short course from Pretty Agile.

Winners will be announced at Day Two’s closing drinks at Club 23.

Closing Drinks

Please join us to celebrate the Conference and take part in a Retro, as we enjoy drinks at Club23 on Level 3 from 5pm! It’s a toast to another decade of AgileAus.


Notes on Cloaking your Belongings

Something we thought you ought to know! At the end of Day Two, please collect your belongings from the Crown Casino cloakroom before 6pm as it will be closed thereafter. Please be advised that the Club 23 cloakroom does not accept bags or laptops.

Want to know the values AgileAus holds dear? View the Community Charter.

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