About Agile Australia

Meet people who are building better organisations!

Agile Australia is the annual conference about Agile in the enterprise and better ways of working. It’s the place to gain a myriad of perspectives and strategies to help build successful and innovative organisations. It’s specifically designed for practitioners and business people who are serious about expanding their thinking and ways of working: at an individual and organisational level.

Over the two full days of the event, delegates will hear speakers from Australia’s top organisations. The four concurrent sessions offers topics on the many flavours of Agile, the different approaches, levels of experience, and tools available to organisations today. In addition to the formal sessions, all delegates are encouraged to share their experiences through ‘unconference’ style opportunities like Open Space.

Given the growth of past years, the Agile Australia conference in 2016 is expected to attract over 1000 delegates representing over 250 of Australia’s leading organisations.

The Agile Australia program represents the best of Australian business thinking, making it a must attend event.

What is Agile?

The Agile approach focuses on iterative development. Little by little, collaborative teams can build solutions for their customers faster and better than before.

Who will be there?

The Agile Australia conference brings together technology leaders from across enterprises. The audience is a mixture of project and team leaders, coaches, software developers, testers, business analysts and the executive managers of Australian businesses.

This year, Agile Australia is expected to attract over 1000 delegates representing over 250 of Australia’s leading organisations – from the largest enterprises specialising in telecommunications, finance, insurance to Australia’s leading digital businesses.

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